Eliminating Plastic Pollution


Here at Interfaith Solidarity Network, we’ve been urging you to support legislation  to reduce plastic pollution – like SB 54 and AB 1080 that aim to reduce plastic waste from single-use packaging by 75% by 2032.

This is a brief summary of what happened over the past weekend, August 29 & 30.

AB 1080: On Sunday, Senator Allen brought up AB 1080 for a floor vote in the Senate.  After going on call once and being brought up two times, 1080 passed with 23 AYE votes (2 more than necessary for passage).  But the Senate did not transmit 1080 to the Assembly in order to let the Assembly take up 1080 for a vote of concurrence in Senate amendments.  So even though 1080 passed, it was still sitting in the Senate. AB 1080 is NOT the only bill that the Senate held on to after passage, and that would have needed to pass a vote of concurrence in amendments by the Assembly by midnight on August 31.  Additionally, the Assembly was holding on to several Senate bills that had already passed the Assembly floor vote.  Even as we approached midnight on August 31, the Senate did not release 1080 or several other bills.  So, these bills, including 1080, which passed the Senate, ultimately died on the Senate floor for not being sent over to the Assembly (and, I believe, the same thing happened to several SBs in the Assembly).
SB 54: Sunday afternoon around 5:30, as I reported, Assemblywoman Gonzalez brought up SB 54 in the Assembly.  If you didn’t get the chance to watch the presentation, it was really great – several legislators stood up in ardent support, and no one spoke out against the bill.  On the first vote, it got 37 AYE votes and ~15 NO votes, with a bipartisan group of legislators NOT VOTING.  In order to pass, the bill needed 4 more votes to get to 41.  Asm. Gonzalez put the bill “ON CALL” to be taken up again later.

Here’s the latest news on these pieces of legislation, dateline September 1, 2020.

Check out this How-To Video.

For a graphic demonstration of the need to reduce plastic pollution, we recommend this excellent article from the Mercury News.