Good News for Measure J


On August 10, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors took a major step in implementing Measure J and honoring the plan set forth by the Re-Imagine L.A. Coalition, of which ISN is part, by approving a $187.7 million spending plan to push community investment and alternatives to incarceration. This is a fantastic step toward realizing the vision set forth by voters when they passed Measure J November, 2020. Thank you to all who responded to our call-to-action last fall to reach out to voters.

The plan is funded by the agreed-upon $100 million Year One investment for Measure J, as well as $87.7 million from the American Rescue Plan. It meets 91% of the recommendations set forth by the Measure J Re-Imagine L.A. Advisory Committee. Some of the highlights include: $42 million to help close Men’s Central Jail, $8 million in pretrial services with an emphasis on minimizing pretrial incarceration, $20.9 million to divert or remove youth from involvement with the justice system, $16 million for housing, $15 million to support people returning from the incarceration system, and $9 million to support people with substance abuse issues.

It’s clear that fully funding these types of programs would be transformational for the future of L.A. County, which is why we’ll continue to advocate for the $900 million+ that Measure J should represent. We appreciate that the Board of Supervisors has both appealed the erroneous Superior Court ruling but also has not taken their foot off the gas in implementing the vision of Reimagining L.A. County. We’re excited to see the impact these dollars will generate, and we’re committed to realizing the full vision of what’s possible.