ISN Endorses Plastics-Free CA


It is time for Californians to take action! Global plastic production is approaching one million tons per day, negatively impacting our climate – beginning with the extraction of fossil fuels. It also harms our communities and ecosystems, with waste mismanagement resulting in plastic waste accumulating in our cities and streets and resulting in more than 8 million tons of plastic waste winding up in our oceans every year. After two years of attempting to pass a comprehensive solution to this problem through the state legislature, we’re putting this in the hands of the public and asking for your support. A ballot initiative known as ‘The California Recycling and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act’ (or PLASTICS FREE CALIFORNIA), aims to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the state’s lands, waters, and communities. ISN has been fighting alongside this coalition for the past two years and urges your support. Find out more here!

ISN is committed to eliminating single-use plastic in California. Thanks for your help previously. To advocate with us for this ballot initiative click here!