ISN Supports NoHo Home Alliance


Interfaith Solidarity Network supports NoHo Home Alliance and its ‘Help a Senior Move from Hotel to Home’ initiative.

Here’s a message from The Rev. Stephanie Jaeger of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church and NoHo Home Alliance who hosted an informational meeting for ISN partners.  Would you be willing to invite Pastor Stephanie to speak with your congregation about the ‘Help a Senior from Hotel to Home’ initiative? Contact her here.

“Engaging with and ending homelessness aligns so closely with the call in many religions to welcome the stranger—the immigrant, the person in poverty, the person experiencing homelessness.  When we as people of faith engage with the issue of homelessness, when we wrestle with the question of how much and what we can do to help, say, a formerly unhoused senior citizen looking for a room to rent, we are led to explore our own biases toward the unhoused.  We learn that the unhoused population is not monolithic and that each unhoused person has their own story, their own needs, and their own gifts.  We are led through that uncomfortable inner work of unpacking our own biases about who is homeless and why, what is my complicity in the economic and social systems that drive and sustain homelessness, and what is my obligation to care.  That may be uncomfortable, but it also leads us to being liberated into taking action.  We still may not choose to rent a room to a formerly unhoused senior citizen living on social security and a pension.  But by activating our religious calling to help the vulnerable, and unpacking our biases about homelessness, we will certainly be liberated into taking some meaningful action to address homelessness effectively.”