Solidarity March & Music Festival – TOGETHER AGAIN!

We came together Sunday, June 12 for The Interfaith Solidarity March & Music Festival for Justice, Peace, and Healing, a creative collaboration in the spirit of solidarity for #racialjustice, #gunsense, #HousingJustice, #ClimateAction, and transformational hope, transformational joy, and transformational change.
Thank you to all of the 300 or so who attended. 
We thought you’d like to see a few photos, videos and media coverage (CLICK HERE) of this memorable event – but first a special poem, Together. This was recited at the Music Festival by Sailesh Ranchod of the RGDLA Center, an ISN partner organization.


Together as One
Together as brothers and sisters
Together as expressions of Peace, Love and Harmony
All Faiths, hand in hand
A march for Peace
A march for Compassion
A march for understanding
An expression of solidarity
An expression of the heart
Kindness, Welcome, Love
May the Love of God and worship
be a ripple in every molecule and spread Joy throughout our communities and Nations
May we be United not divided
May we be a living, walking, demonstration that Light truly overcomes darkness

Light of knowledge over ignorance
Light of Faith over Fear
Light of Kindness and Love over Anger and hatred
May we shine the light of God in our hearts and light our communities, Cities and the World.
Together we can and will.
Radhey Radhey